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Epoxy Coating and Coving on Kitchen Floors

Epoxy Coating and Coving on Kitchen Floors

Seamless epoxy coating and coving are ideal for commercial kitchen floors. Often used in commercial and industrial floorings, epoxy coatings are normally applied over well-prepared concrete floors. It provides a high-performance, smooth, and durable surface that can withstand heavy loads and last many years. Additionally, it helps in maintaining a clean and safe working condition.

In every commercial kitchen, day to day situations like extreme temperature changes, constant moisture, and extensive foot traffic are always part of the job. All of these has an impact to the built environment which may lead to premature damage to the walls and floors. Having a sound foundation is therefore a necessity when it comes to commercial kitchen floors.

Epoxy Flooring Brisbane specialises in the design and installation of hard-wearing epoxy flooring solutions suitable for withstanding the challenges in food preparation areas such as commercial kitchens. Starting on your floors, it must be able to resist different food by-products and situations that can cause damage to it. Epoxy does more wonders on your kitchen floor. Learn more about the benefits of having epoxy floors.

Flooring Solution that is Perfect for Commercial Kitchens

Increasing health and safety of employees and guests is crucial when it comes to commercial establishments. The government strictly regulates commercial kitchens by conducting sanitary inspections from time to time. The flooring plays a big part in having a healthy and safe environment.

Office, change room epoxy coating kitchen

There are factors that should be considered when choosing the best flooring solution for commercial kitchens.


Commercial kitchen flooring literally experiences hot and cold conditions. In between the heated cooking and dining areas and the icy cold walk-in freezers, it’s a roller coaster of temperature in there. Sudden and drastic changes in degrees cause an expansion-contraction phenomenon on the flooring substrate. This results in gaps in the floor, which allows contaminants to inhibit in those loose areas. Therefore, commercial kitchen flooring should ideally be thermal-resistant. It means that it expands and contracts at a similar rate with whatever temperature there is. No more gaps and cracks.


The overall activities in a commercial kitchen contribute to breeding moisture. Cooking, washing dishes, pills, cleaning, and overall temperature all contributes to the humidity of the area. Another component to be looked at is the condensation that comes directly from the soil underneath the concrete slab. If the flooring is not installed properly, it may lead to premature deterioration of the flooring. So in order to avoid any future risk, the floor must be professionally installed and chosen perfectly.


Chemical resistance of the floor is often disregarded when it comes to choosing the right flooring solution. There are a wide variety of chemicals that is present and used in a commercial kitchen. Some of which are the ones for cleaning and disinfecting ovens, dishes, surfaces, windows, and floors that may contain harsh chemicals. In addition to that, degreasers and detergents that are used daily exposes the floor even more. Exposure to these chemicals causes serious damage to unprotected floor.


The safety of guests and employees is the top priority of any commercial establishment. Flooring maintenance habits differ from place to place, depending on what was on the floor. In commercial kitchens, it usually consists of food spills and grease that can be a slip and fall hazard. To avoid any slipping accidents, the floor should be skid and slip-resistant. It is created by applying specialized compounds and aggregate. The aggregate provides textures that minimize sliding. Consulting with an experienced flooring specialist helps you decide which is the best for each area.


In any aspect of a building, it is desirable that what we see is beautiful. It has an impact in the ambiance of a place. Visual aesthetic delivers the first and last impression to the guests and employees. The colours we put in the walls and the floors affect the overall satisfaction of the users. Having a versatile flooring that can adapt to your concept is an excellent choice. If done so, you could choose among the wide range of available design and turn your vision into reality.

Health and Hygiene Code Compliance

Hygiene requires more that general cleanliness. It goes through equipment and cookware sanitation, staff’s hygiene, proper ventilation and relentless inspections. When it comes to food storage and preparation, proper hygiene is important, too. And when choosing the perfect flooring solution, it should be able to comply with present health and hygiene codes. Maintaining a food establishment that is always ready for inspection may seem to be a difficult task. But with the right flooring choice, things become much easier. Hygiene standards imposed by the government requires:

Seamless installation

This means that floor surfaces must not display any gap, cracks, or crevices that inhibits food and debris that grow unwanted microorganism overtime.

Floor-to-wall cove bases

Epoxy coating and coving are installed with the use of an epoxy mortar at the junction of the wall and the floor to create a radius. It displays a seamless floor system and prevents bacteria from harbouring at the edges of the floor. Additionally, epoxy coving prevents water from going under the walls. Aside from the kitchen itself, restaurants should have them in restrooms, self-serve areas, serving stations, and walk-in food storage areas.

Have you decided yet? Choosing the right floor for Commercial Kitchens can be tough.

Epoxy is one of the best flooring solutions out on the market. Being a versatile product, it is an excellent choice for commercial kitchens. It is safe, durable, attractive, and code compliant.

If you want to have amazing commercial kitchen floors that is suitable for your budget, Epoxy Flooring Brisbane is at your service. Our skilled team offer real-life solutions for your commercial kitchen needs. We guarantee to provide only the best service for your satisfaction.

For a free quote and inspection or a simple floor consultation, contact us now! It’s not just about adding spark onto your floors, it’s making an investment!

Epoxy Flooring Brisbane provides you with a wide range of elegant finishes and colors to change your ordinary floor to extraordinary. Choose from various designs for resurfacing, epoxy coating, maintenance of your concrete, or even epoxy for a tiled surface.


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