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Concrete Resurfacing Brisbane

Are you in Brisbane and planning on concrete resurfacing for your business or home? Then look no further. Epoxy Flooring Brisbane offers a wide range of concrete resurfacing options such as coloured concrete resurfacing, decorative resurfacing, stencil resurfacing, and clear resurfacing.

We are flooring specialists and will get back to you within 1 hour with the best possible solution. Epoxy Flooring Brisbane provides exceptional service and offers affordable prices to suit all your budget needs.

So, What is Concrete Resurfacing?

A concrete floor is something everyone sees every day and yet is neglected. In short, concrete floor deteriorates, cracks, stains, and surfaces appear pale over time. This is an indication that it’s time to pay some attention to the concrete floor. Most of the time repair does not do the job and needs complete resurfacing.

Epoxy Flooring Brisbane offers high-quality service, with public liability insurances, work is done by trained, skilled, and highly qualified staff. We provide a free quote and will answer any question possible.

The concrete resurfacing process includes cleaning, repairing, and overlaying the floor with a new surface adding life to the aged concrete floor.

If you’re still thinking about having a concrete resurfacing service, we also have a concrete floor polishing in Brisbane.

Easy steps on how to do concrete resurfacing

  1. Clean concrete surface

    First the concrete surface is cleaned by washing with a power washer removing any dirt.

  2. Repair the cracks

    All cracks are then repaired and smoothed evenly.

  3. Fill hole with epoxy

    All holes are filled with epoxy

  4. Prime the floor surface and apply concrete

    After the cracks and holes are repaired, the floor surface is primed, and concrete is applied to the floor.

  5. Design and use sealer

    Depending on the clients need, color and decoration is applied. Sealer is then applied to protect the new surface.

  6. Let it dry

    The concrete is then cured by restricting usage for 48 to 72 hours allowing the surface to dry completely.

Minor cracks, holes, etc can be repaired. However, in situations such as radiation or fire damage, concrete resurfacing is not recommended. In such cases, it is advisable to completely replace the concrete. This means that the whole concrete should be removed, and a new set of concrete floors is to be installed.

Cause of Concrete Damage

Concrete is made of water, granular aggregate material, and cement (binding Agent). Damage to concrete occurs when moisture or dirt enters concrete during installation or afterward. The liquid then enters causing the mixture to separate. Temperature also plays a major role in causing the surface to expand or contract. Heavy objects, vehicles, etc also cause cracks to the concrete floor.

Ways to Prevent Further Concrete Damage

Concrete coating, a clear or coloured substance applied to the concrete floor, is used to prevent concrete from getting damaged. It acts as a protector by coating and sealing, adding durability to the concrete surface. In addition, coating concrete protects the surface against oil, water, chemicals and heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Top products used to coat the surface are Avista concrete sealer, Avista tintable concrete sealer or Sika concrete sealer.

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

Decorative concrete resurfacing is gaining popularity in Brisbane as users now realise that there are other decorative options than the plain grey color.

Decorating the floor is not only an option to enhance the look of your building but also a useful option in construction. New technology and treatment have helped increase the life of concrete surfaces and reform the look to something amazing.

Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

  • Long lasting – Lasts long with a new look durable and strong finish
  • Value for price – Cost effective
  • Easy process – Is easier then pouring a new set of concrete
  • More options available – Endless possibilities for top-coat
  • Safe and Anti-skid options – Broom finish available

Areas Where Concrete Resurfacing Can Be Done

  • Commercial Areas
  • Residential
  • Driveways
  • Footpath
  • Patios
  • Pool surrounding
  • Ramps
  • Schools
  • Airport

Why Epoxy Flooring Brisbane for Concrete Resurfacing

Epoxy flooring Brisbane acts immediately by providing you all answers needed. Our experienced and hard-working team has all the expertise to work from small to major corporate projects. Epoxy Flooring Brisbane team understands the pressure and we know what works and doesn’t.


  • Local Business
  • Service through entire Brisbane
  • Have 100% satisfied customers
  • Provide free onsite consultation
    and quote with very comparative rate
  • Manage residential and Commercial

Not only, our team is skilled in Epoxy Flooring but also can manage projects from resurfacing to coating.

So whether your resurfacing job is residential or commercial, Epoxy Flooring Brisbane can help you. Schedule for a free quote.


We give a 1-year workmanship warranty against peeling and delamination. Manufacturer certificate could be offered if it has been mentioned prior to the start as the manufacture representative has to assess the project to be able to issue the necessary certification. We do not offer a warranty for substrate failure such as cracking of floors, shifting, or crumbling of the concrete. Or abusive uses

Occupational Health and Safety

As part of our commitment to achieving the principles of health and safety in workplace, Epoxy Flooring Brisbane, recognizes its moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for its employees, contractors, customers and visitors.

This commitment also extends to ensuring that our operations do not place the local community or environment at risk of injury, illness, or damage. Furthermore, we also declare a no-smoking zone due to the material used. 

Curious About Which One is Better – Epoxy Flooring Vs Concrete Polishing?

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So if your warehouse floor needs an epoxy coating or if you have a flooring project that requires concrete resurfacing or if you need some advice from us. Contact Epoxy Flooring Brisbane, the country’s leading resin flooring experts, and our hard-working team can help you get an amazing result. We will ensure that your project is completed on time, and of the highest standard. Enquire now with Darius Soltani.

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Epoxy Flooring Brisbane provides you with a wide range of elegant finishes and colors to change your ordinary floor to extraordinary. Choose from various designs for resurfacing, epoxy coating, maintenance of your concrete, or even epoxy for a tiled surface.


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