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Is Epoxy Over Tiles Possible?

Is Epoxy Over Tiles Possible?

So, you’ve been looking for fresh new ideas for your old tile flooring, you are searching for that perfect solution, and suddenly you came across this photo of a beautiful seamless floor which makes you wonder if is it even possible to apply epoxy over that dull old tiles?

Well, dealing with your old tiles during residential, commercial, or retail space renovation can be stressful and messy. Tiles have always been the popular and practical flooring choice.

Today, more innovative flooring solutions are made available in the market and people are getting curious about them. Epoxy flooring is one of the top choices, and many people are considering having the switch.

Nevertheless, it is an obvious fact that removing tiles is messy and time-consuming. Seems like the go-to solution for most people while the truth is that there are simpler and better ways to deal with it.

Epoxy Flooring Brisbane is here to help you have a trouble-free transition from tiles to epoxy flooring. We are the best flooring specialist in Brisbane, guaranteed to provide you the right solution that best suits your need and your budget.

Back to the question… Is it possible to go over your tiles? The answer is yes, it’s possible.

It’s much more convenient in many ways. And choosing epoxy allows you to pick from a wide range of designs highly customizable by you.

Switching to Epoxy Over Tiles

If you are decided to make the switch, let’s get on to prepping your floor. If your floor is all good and stable, the first concern we must deal with is the adhesion of epoxy onto the tile. It needs to stick to the tile for a good and long-lasting result.

Take a moment to look down and identify the existing tiles you have on your floor. If the tiles you have feels rough and unglazed then it only needs to be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water and let it dry.

Removing the dirt and digging into those grout lines if needed could also be done. But if you have glazed tiles on your existing floor, then it would need additional preparation.

Light sanding will remove the gloss from the tiles and have a rougher surface, making it easier for the epoxy to bond on the floor. Also, take note that the glossy finish can be because of a sealer applied on the tiles.

It is usually applied to prevent them from looking dirty. You would also need to grind these sealers off the tile for better results.

Are grout lines to stay or not?

Look closely onto the grout lines of your tiled floor. As mentioned, it is better to remove the dirt in between.

If it’s too much, then just dug it out just to make sure it wouldn’t ruin the new floor. The dirt present on your grout can affect the adherence of the epoxy.

Grout lines are the main drawback when it comes to tiles. It may look clean and sleek at first, yet as time goes by, it accumulates dirt which is very unpleasing to the eye. It’s non-hygienic, too.

What if the tiles crack?

Take note that if some of the tiles are found to be loose, then it’ll be better to remove them. When some start cracking while grinding, then the bond between the floor tile and the concrete is not very good, therefore making it unstable and risky.

Remember, it’s better to consult a flooring specialist for an inspection than to take things into your own hands without the proper knowledge and experience.

Okay, so what’s next?

Once we’re all sure that it’s safe and sound and squeaky clean, we’ll need to get your floor FLAT. Nobody wants to see those grout lines appearing beneath your seamless floor. Something needs to be done about it.

Getting the floor flat could be achieved thru either grinding or applying a levelling compound. And, the latter is much preferred if there are grout lines to be covered.

In some cases, installing a self-leveling compound could still not be enough to hide the joints. It’s not because of improper filling but might be because of how the light affects the epoxy floor.

An effective way to amend this problem is to install two layers of the levelling compound. The first one would serve as the filling layer, having it applied thinly.

By then, the finishing coat would be thicker with a strong suitable tint. Well, an epoxy grout could also be used to fill the lines, followed by sanding then installing the final coat.

So is epoxy over tiles possible in your space? Consult first!

It’s hard to tell from the outside if your tile flooring is stable or they’re just faking it. There are some cases when people would wake up and find that their tiles are cracked and popping on the floor, yet it was all fine the day before.

If your tiles are found unstable during the inspection – or in some cases during the preparation phase – then maybe going over the top is not meant for you.

You might just be risking everything here – time, money, labour.

Taking risks is a brave thing to do, but not all risks are worth taking. In the end, always aim for a long-term solution.

In the construction industry, there are different kinds of approach that can be applied to fulfill the tasks on hand. Further, each case has their own unique challenges and our team always finds innovative and effective ways to solve it.

Do you want to make the change? Keep in mind that not all tile floorings are the same. It’s always better to consult a floor specialist first before doing anything to know what suits you best. At Epoxy Flooring Brisbane, we only want what’s best for you!

So contact us now for a sample inspection or free quote.

It’s not just about adding spark onto your floors, it’s making an investment!

Epoxy Flooring Brisbane provides you with a wide range of elegant finishes and colors to change your ordinary floor to extraordinary. Choose from various designs for resurfacing, epoxy coating, maintenance of your concrete, or even epoxy for a tiled surface.


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