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Garage Flooring Coating

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Read down below to learn more about our garage flooring epoxy coating service.

As a saying goes “The more your house floor shines, the more your image will shine”. Now wait a minute, have a look at your house garage flooring, is the floor dirty and stained? Does the floor have oil and tire marks? If yes, consider redecorating with epoxy coating by Epoxy Flooring Brisbane.

Transform your house garage into something amazing. Step up to the next level and lighten up, bring comfort, beauty, and fashion to your house garage.

We at Epoxy Flooring Brisbane will help you convert your old-looking garage to beautiful looking like heaven. We will ensure that the floor will last long, is durable, is slip-resistant, and uses products; Such as Interplus 1180, Sika, Dulux, Haymes, Parchem, and Hychem which is high-built multipurpose epoxy coating. Check our blog to know more about the brands we used.

Garage Flooring Coating Options

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Coating is so far the best option for garages. With epoxy coating, the floor is patched, cleaned, and ground if necessary. Epoxy paint is then applied to the floor quickly as the mixture gets dry very quickly. Epoxy Flooring garage normal life is 5 years and upon taking care your epoxy garage can last up to 15 years. Upon the client’s request, we also can apply the following finishes to the floor.

  • Flek Finish
Flek Finish

Decorative flakes are applied on floors immediately once the epoxy is applied and still in liquid form. Flakes are used to attaining a variety of style and appearance to the floor. It could be either full flake or partial flake. These flakes come in different shape, colour, appearance, blends and different size. Difference between full flake and partial flake is that with full flake, the base epoxy colour will not be visible however with partial flake, the base colour is visible, and amount of flake added to the floor is less compared to full flake floors. Read this informative article to know more about the benefits of having epoxy floors.

  • Metallic Finish
Metallic Finish

Add shine to your floor with the next generation epoxy coating. Add elegance and style with Metallic Finish. Make living happier with exotic looking Metallic floor finish. Many different looks, style, and designs can be created and no two metallic floors will ever look alike.

  • Glow in Dark Finish
Glow in Dark Epoxy Floor

Make your floor your heaven with glow in the dark epoxy finish. Glow in dark flakes is applied on wet epoxy creating a dazzling and dynamic look to the floor. The floor glows in dark for hours in full darkness and does not need electricity but uses solar energy to recharge the flakes. These flakes glow until sunlight recharging to glow in the coming night. Glowing floors help you find your way in total darkness and also save electricity bills.

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

We at Epoxy Flooring Brisbane, offer concrete resurfacing options from coloured floors to decorative surface. We also offer clear flooring solution and offer finishes such as woodgrain, seamless stone, flek finish and many more.

Woodgrain Finish

Woodgrain Finish

Seamless Stone

Seamless Stone

Flek Finish

Flake Finish

Benefits of Garage Flooring Coating

Coating your garage flooring with epoxy have a couple of benefits:

  1. Elegant look

    Epoxy coating the garage floors not only look elegant but the floor surface will appear shiny and the light bounces off epoxy giving the area a great new look.

  2. Covers defects

    Epoxy coating covers all defects of your garage floors. With several available unique design and colour, Epoxy flooring Brisbane can transform your defected old garage floor to suit your house theme. Remember happiness is simply in flooring your dream.

  3. Cost effective

    Epoxy flooring garage floors is affordable as you can retain your current floor saving time and money on new floors and installation. Epoxy coating is a simple solution that lasts long period of time and is low maintenance.

  4. Resistance

    Add strength to your floor. Epoxy coating garage floors will add resistance to your floor against heat, hot tire pick up, tire mark, chemicals or oil marks and water damage.

  5. Lasts Longer

    Epoxy coated floors lasts longer compared to any other floor because of its protective qualities.

  6. Protects

    Floors with epoxy coated over are well protected as epoxy is a sealant that protects its base from cracking, wearing down, scratch resistance or even crumbling.

  7. Easy Maintenance

    Another great advantage of epoxy is that it is easy to clean by either sweeping mopping, air blower or washing and yet will maintain its glow all the time.

Garage Epoxy Coating


There are few requirements to be met once any project is approved to proceed. We prefer the project area is cleared, cleaned free from debris. Cars and traffic to be removed to ease work. Our staff also work around the clock to get any project completed making the garage available for our clients at the earliest.


One-year workmanship warranty is given against peeling and delamination. Moisture related and negligent issues is not covered by warranty. Manufacturer certificate could be offered if it has been mentioned prior to start as manufacture representative has to assess the project to be able to issue the necessary certification. We do not offer warranty for substrate failure such as cracking of floors, shifting or crumbling of the concrete.

Epoxy Garage Flooring Coating Warranty

Occupational health and safety

As part of our commitment to achieving the principles of health and safety in workplace, Epoxy Flooring Brisbane, recognizes its moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for its employees, contractors, customers and visitors. This commitment also extends to ensuring that our operations do not place the local community or environment at risk of injury, illness or damage. Furthermore, we also declare a no smoking zone due to the material used. 

So if your garage flooring needs a new look of epoxy coating. Or, if you have a floor project that requires attention. Or, if you need some advice from flooring professionals then contact Epoxy Flooring Brisbane, the country’s leading resin flooring experts and our hard-working team can help you get amazing result. We will ensure that your project will be completed on time, will be of the highest standard, enquire now with Darius Soltani.

So do want to stand on the best floor and know what you want. Call us on 1300 321433 or +61 424436640.

Email us on [email protected] or go to our contact us page.

FAQ for Garage Flooring Coating

What are epoxy flooring flakes?

Epoxy flooring flakes are dry paint flecks. Coloured base coat is added to these flakes to create multiple finishes.

Epoxy Flooring Brisbane provides you with a wide range of elegant finishes and colors to change your ordinary floor to extraordinary. Choose from various designs for resurfacing, epoxy coating, maintenance of your concrete, or even epoxy for a tiled surface.


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