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Refinishing Bathrooms with Epoxy

Refinishing Bathrooms with Epoxy

At some point, bathrooms eventually deteriorate, and refinishing it with epoxy could do wonders you never thought possible.

Bathrooms are the most used room in the house, so no doubt that over time the room appears dirty to look at. The fixtures lose their luster, the tiles have this grimy film, and the grout is not hygienic to look at.

Moreover, styles and trends change throughout the years. Using your bathroom daily and seeing it in an untidy condition, you might start thinking about a renovation. There are a lot of options to choose from. Additionally, it doesn’t need to be expensive to be beautiful.

Choosing epoxy is perfect to renew your bathroom floors. It is guaranteed to have fewer installation costs and provide promising results. There are a lot of good reasons why you should choose epoxy flooring.

To make the best out of this, Epoxy Flooring Brisbane is at your service. We are the best flooring specialist in Brisbane, ready to help you on this amazing journey. Our team will help you select the best flooring solution suitable for your flooring needs and budget.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

An epoxy flooring is a flooring surface that has multiple layers of epoxy applied with a depth of at least two millimeters. On the other hand, having less than two millimeters of thickness is simply an epoxy floor coating.

Having epoxy floors follows a process that includes floor preparation and installation. There are design options as well that you may want to consult with your flooring specialist. One thing’s for sure, the result is a beautiful, strong, and durable floor that is stain resistant and low maintenance.

Epoxy has become one of the most common flooring solutions. But don’t be deceived because as simple as it may look, it does great wonders to your floor.

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It is okay for my bathroom?

Yes, having epoxy floors for your bathroom is perfectly fine.

Bathrooms are wet areas. Humidity, moisture, and dampness are all present in this part of your house and must be primarily considered during the renovation. That is why choosing the right material matters most.

As a matter of fact, epoxy is an excellent choice. Epoxy offers you a lot of benefits. It gives you a seamless beautiful floor that is easy to clean and highly customisable. It’s totally different from having tiles for your floors. Certainly, no dirty grout lines or stains.

When it comes to safety, epoxy got you covered. As shiny and spotless as it may look, epoxy floors are slip-resistant. Given the wet and moist environment of a bathroom, having slip-resistant flooring system is a must to prevent any slips and falls.

Altogether, epoxy is the best option for your bathroom. It’s an amazing material that surely gives you value for your money.

How do we refinish a bathroom with epoxy?

Refinishing your bathroom includes preparation, installation, and post-care. Although various refinishing kits are available at home improvement stores, you may still want to hire a professional to do the job and get the best results.

Not all homeowners have the budget for a full-scale renovation. Floor specialists like Epoxy Flooring Brisbane will help you make your bathroom look good as new without breaking the bank. Talk to us now so we may discuss design options suitable for your budget.

First, the space needs to be prepared. An inspection should be done accordingly by a floor specialist to figure out the best solution for your floors. Existing surface should be free from any crack or chips that could indicate a serious problem underneath. At this point, your existing floor must be stable enough to take the grinding during preparation. If it cracks, it means that the bond between the floor tile and the concrete is not good.

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Once everything is good, the area should be cleaned thoroughly because any dirt or residue left will cause an unwanted mark in the surface. If there are grout lines and they are dirty, you might want to dig them out just to be sure. Also, remove any metal hardware like drains, escutcheon plates, cover plates, and tub spouts. Faucets do not need to be removed.

After cleaning, the surface should be dry and roughened. Sanding will encourage better adhesion between the epoxy and the surface. Any sanding residue should be removed afterward.

Finally, the mixture should be applied. Make sure that the excluded areas are masked with plastic and tape.

During the application, the empty grout lines could be a problem. And in some cases, a self-levelling compound doesn’t always fix the gaps. Two layers of the levelling compound should be installed to make this work. An epoxy grout could also be used to fill the joints, then followed by sanding and the final coat.

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Are there design options?

Epoxy offers a wide range of design options. It’s highly customisable and if you ever have an idea in mind, tell us about it we’ll make it possible. You might want to check out some of the designs in our project gallery.

What are you waiting for? Let’s revamp your bathroom to a whole new level!

Bathrooms are probably the most used area in our homes, so it is important that it looks desirable and clean. With epoxy, your bathroom will not only be beautiful but easy to clean as well. This amazing material allows you to explore out of your comfort zone. Change is good.

Epoxy Flooring Brisbane specializes in a range of epoxy flooring solutions. We guarantee to provide only the best surfacing solutions that best suit your needs and your budget. Let’s work together to transform your space and help you add spark on your floor! Contact us now for a free quote and inspection. It’s not just about adding spark onto your floors, it’s making an investment!

Epoxy Flooring Brisbane provides you with a wide range of elegant finishes and colors to change your ordinary floor to extraordinary. Choose from various designs for resurfacing, epoxy coating, maintenance of your concrete, or even epoxy for a tiled surface.


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