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Is It Okay To Install Epoxy Flooring On Bathrooms?

Is It Okay To Install Epoxy Flooring On Bathrooms?

Given that epoxy flooring is usually seen in garage areas and industrial spaces, is it okay to install it in bathrooms? Bathrooms are wet areas which means there is the presence of humidity, moisture, and dampness. These 3 things are primary considerations when it comes to choosing the right material for that reason you have to make sure about your waterproofing has been done right.

If not considered carefully, the space may deteriorate over time. It is important to invest in a strong and durable flooring solution with both aesthetic and functional value. Being one of today’s innovative flooring solutions, epoxy flooring is everything we needed. As it can totally be applied as cover for your existing floor or as your actual floor.

In addition, Epoxy Flooring Brisbane can help you make this possible. Our team is ready to help you select the best epoxy surfacing solution suitable for your flooring needs and budget.

How Good Is Epoxy Flooring on Bathrooms?

Well, there’s no one word that could describe how good epoxy flooring is in bathrooms. But surely, it has a long list of benefits under its name. From aesthetic aspect to ease of maintenance, epoxy flooring got you fully covered.

Having said that, the aesthetic aspect alone offers a lot for your space. In every space, the design always matters. Every tile, paint, and fixture that you put in it speak out.

Bathroom 4

Epoxy flooring is highly customizable. You can even use epoxy to refinish your bathroom floors. In addition, with epoxy as your choice, there’s an infinite design possibility.

You could mix and match colors to get the output that you want. Talk to us now at Epoxy Flooring Brisbane to know more design options.

One more thing that makes epoxy a very good choice is the ease of cleaning.

Epoxy floors are easy to clean. You won’t need harsh chemicals to wipe off that dirt or stain because epoxy resists having them. Simply wipe or brush the floor with mild detergent dissolved in water. After that, rinse the floor with clean water and mop it with a clean cloth. Voila! Your floor is sparkling like how it should always be.

The best thing about is there are no dirty grouts to deal with because epoxy flooring is seamless. Clearly, it saves you money and reduces your cleaning time. Check this article to know more about the benefits of installing epoxy flooring.

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Bathrooms are a microbial haven. The presence of heat and humidity in this space makes odor-causing bacteria and other unpleasant microorganisms thrive.

Also, the epoxy floor has microbial additives present in its mixture. Those additives repel microbial growth. The non-absorbent surface is proof that epoxy flooring indeed provides a sanitary environment.

Furthermore, durability is another quality that makes epoxy flooring on top of the list. No peeling will occur despite high foot traffic. It could withstand chemicals and urine, leaving no stains or unpleasant odors at all. Its finish would remain just the same despite the changes in temperature and humidity.

Overall, the epoxy floor is built to last. It is the best option for your bathroom. Gives value for your money with long-lasting benefits.

How About Safety For Users?

Epoxy flooring could be used in other humid spaces like public restrooms, spas, and wet rooms. This is because the high humidity and changing temperatures present in these spaces require unique materials that could withstand the moist environment.

Is Epoxy Over Tiles Possible?

More than the aesthetic appeal, functionality, and safety are taken into consideration, too. It is important to have a slip-resistant flooring system when dealing with spaces with wet and moist environments. This will help prevent slips and falls that may cause injuries which is prone to the users of these spaces.

Additionally, spaces like spas should have a relaxing ambience because that’s how it should be. Those are places where people come to unwind so colors and designs should coordinate with the function of the space.

On other spaces like public restrooms and wet rooms, hygiene is a top concern. These are communal spaces which means different kinds of people enter and use the facilities. With the variety of the colours and finishes to choose from, It is recommended to use light-colored flooring surfaces to project an overall sanitary appearance.

How Is Epoxy Flooring Installed In Bathroom?

Preparation is the first step. Having clean, well-prepped floor is vital to the process. If it is a tile resurfacing project, make sure to consult with your trusted flooring specialist first. You could read more about epoxy over tiles in that article. The base of the floor should be evened out to prevent lumps once the epoxy floor coating is applied.

tile glue removal

It is important to make sure that the base is clean to avoid a distorted result. Generally, a primer coat is applied to help the epoxy adhere to the floor. Then, the epoxy floor coating is applied using a different method based on the finish you choose.

Bubbles are evened out during the stage to achieve a smooth surface. We’ll leave it and let it cure. This given time allows the epoxy to adhere well, making it hard without any moisture trapped inside the mixture applied.

Consequently, epoxy flooring will have a high gloss finish, with a dry and non-absorbent surface. In addition, the textured coating is also an option. It could be used on the floor to enhance grip and prevent slipping accidents.

Design and Functionality All-in-One.

What more could you ask for?

Many people still think that epoxy flooring is for ‘industrial’ spaces only. They are stuck to the idea that it is just a piece of seamless dull floor. But things have changed and evolved over time. A lot of innovative advancements have been taken into account for this amazing material. Today, epoxy flooring is not just for garages or warehouses, it could be suitable for your home, too!

Epoxy Flooring Brisbane specializes in a range of epoxy flooring solutions. We guarantee to provide only the best surfacing solutions that best suits your needs and your budget. Let’s work together to transform your space and help you add spark on your floor!

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us now for a free quote and inspection. We get more, from your floor.

Epoxy Flooring Brisbane provides you with a wide range of elegant finishes and colors to change your ordinary floor to extraordinary. Choose from various designs for resurfacing, epoxy coating, maintenance of your concrete, or even epoxy for a tiled surface.


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