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Epoxy for Kitchen Flooring

Epoxy for Kitchen Flooring

One of the most essential parts of a house is the kitchen. And surely, having epoxy flooring is definitely an ideal choice. The same goes for restaurants and other food service establishments. After a long shift, the tired staff would be grateful to have kitchen floors that are easy to clean, beautiful, and sleek. Not only that, but the safety and durability are also an assurance that epoxy is quality flooring like no other. To top it all, it obviously increases staff efficiency in the workplace.

Kitchens are tough environments. The place needs to put up with certain standards that cover local and regional health codes and regulations imposed by food safety authorities. Your flooring choice should comply with these standards and be able to endure the harsh conditions and constant foot traffic. Cafes, bakeries, restaurants, and other food service establishments are all up against the rules on food safety. And at home, your kitchen is not an exception.

Epoxy Does Wonder For Your Kitchen Flooring

Epoxy Flooring Brisbane specialises in the design and installation of hard-wearing epoxy flooring solutions suitable for withstanding the challenges in food preparation areas. Starting on your floors, it must be able to resist different food by-products that can cause damage to it. In addition, choosing epoxy ensures that your floor is protected against contaminants. Epoxy does more wonders on your floor. Learn more about the benefits of having epoxy floors.

  • Very easy and simple to clean

    Dirty kitchen with epoxy flooring? Just wipe it and you’re done. It’s as easy as that. Epoxy flooring is a waterproof, non-porous surface which means no stain or dirt will stick to the depths of it. For thorough cleaning, using a deck brush with your usual cleaner does the trick. Rinse off the cleaner with water and mop it. Proper care and regular maintenance make the floor last longer.

  • Antimicrobial

    Epoxy flooring is seamless so there are no grout lines that could cater to microorganisms. There’s an option to create a proper slope-to-drain and an integral cove base which means no cracks for unsanitary food particles and insects to lurk in. Epoxy has a high tolerance for the ongoing moist to wet conditions making it unlikely for rapid microbial growth. An antimicrobial additive that goes deep within the floor system is essential in withstanding stains, molds, fungi, and foul odours.

  • Slip-resistant

    Epoxy flooring for kitchens has a non-slip aggregator of your choice. The final finish is non-abrasive and often has pebble, coarse, or rib patterns. This natural texture will do just fine, no need for additional grit. Due to the daily use kitchen floors often has food residues like grease and oil that could cause slipping accidents. Choosing epoxy flooring for the kitchen reduces slips, making a safer work environment that keeps the staff on their feet.

  • Durable floor

    Durability is longevity. You are getting more from your money. Something that lasts is a good investment. With epoxy flooring, there’s no cracking or peeling because the floor is especially made to resist hard and changing conditions. Rest assured that it has excellent resistance against harsh chemicals and other contaminants.

  • Aesthetic quality

    Epoxy never runs out of style. Its seamless quality complements any kitchen décor or style depending on your liking. There’s a wide range of colours to choose from that will surely complement your cooking space. Epoxy floorings are highly customisable, so commercial food service establishments can have their logo featured on the design. The design will never fade because the colour exists throughout the flooring system. This highly durable floor can endure heavy foot traffic, spills, and cleaning.

Is It Okay To Refinish Old Kitchen Floors with Epoxy Coating?

If you are wondering about epoxy over your old dull floor, yes it is definitely okay. Renovations can be stressful and messy. But, choosing epoxy for your floors makes it possible to minimize the mess. Whether the existing floor is tile, concrete, or epoxy is the game-changer.

Food Processing Area 3

But kitchen floors, particularly in commercial and industrial establishments, are subject to harsh conditions. It includes temperature changes, regular washdowns, splashes, and spills. Due to constant activities in the area, the floor eventually wears down and it looks unpleasant. You need to consider the said factors when opting for a tile overlay. For instance, temperature changes may seem unharmful, but it does affect the material deep within.

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Before making any final decision, consult first! That is, it is quite tricky to assess the current and true condition of your flooring. The old floor may seem fine, yet it may be unstable on the inside.

In conclusion, consulting a professional floor specialist is the first step towards having a long-lasting floor. That is because they’ll make sure your floor can handle the process. And if for some reason, the existing floor can’t handle it. Surely, they would suggest removing everything and having a fresh start.

What Are You Waiting Floor?

The kitchen is a delicate part of a home, same with food establishments. This is where people create and prepare the best dishes. With everyday challenges, floors wear off and eventually become a hindrance to the users. So, it is important to invest in something that will last and is worth your money. And, hiring a professional epoxy floor installer is better and can help you with this kind of stuff.

If you want to know more exciting possibilities for your floor, Epoxy Flooring Brisbane is more than willing to help you out! Every floor is unique and needs a specific innovative solution.

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It’s not just about adding spark onto your floors, it’s making an investment!

Epoxy Flooring Brisbane provides you with a wide range of elegant finishes and colors to change your ordinary floor to extraordinary. Choose from various designs for resurfacing, epoxy coating, maintenance of your concrete, or even epoxy for a tiled surface.


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