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Epoxy for Kitchen Flooring epoxyfloor

Epoxy for Kitchen Flooring

One of the most essential parts of a house is the kitchen. And surely, having epoxy flooring is definitely an ideal choice. The same goes for restaurants and other food service establishments. After a long shift, the...
May 5, 2020
Is Epoxy Over Tiles Possible? epoxyfloor

Is Epoxy Over Tiles Possible?

So, you’ve been looking for fresh new ideas for your old tile flooring, you are searching for that perfect solution, and suddenly you came across this photo of a beautiful seamless floor which makes you wonder if is...
February 20, 2020
Win an Epoxy Cutting Board this Christmas epoxyfloor

Win an Epoxy Cutting Board this Christmas

I can win an epoxy cutting board this Christmas?! Awesome. That's one of the best gifts I could have this season. As thanks to all of you guys supporting our business, Epoxy Flooring Brisbane has come up with a...
December 18, 2019
Glow in Dark Epoxy Floor epoxyfloor

Glow in Dark Epoxy Floor

Epoxy Flooring Brisbane now has glow in dark epoxy floor. The milky way, the stars, and the universe, how very beautiful when we look at them every night. Certainly, the way it sparkles and shines really is candy...
December 2, 2019
Epoxy Flooring: Sparkling up your Floors epoxyfloor

Epoxy Flooring: Sparkling up your Floors

The season of giving is near and the sparkling lights of your beautiful Christmas tree decor will surely condiment your home and business floors with Epoxy Flooring So, let us spark up your residential and business...
November 21, 2019
Workshop Epoxy Floor Coating epoxyfloor

Workshop Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Flooring Brisbane offers the best of the best workshop epoxy floor coating. You can never find someone better than us doing this delicate epoxy coating, we take pride in every service we do. Contact us now...
August 19, 2019
Epoxy Flooring Brisbane provides you with a wide range of elegant finishes and colors to change your ordinary floor to extraordinary. Choose from various designs for resurfacing, epoxy coating, maintenance of your concrete, or even epoxy for a tiled surface.


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